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Hi. I'm Maggie and this is a page for me to disclose my infinite wisdom to the world. Enjoy. -------------------------- NYC ---- NYU ---- Film ---- Foodie --------------- Les --- Skate --- Theater --- Pisces --------

first step. done. #snl #kristinwiig #fingerscrossed #tiredasfuck
Saturday, 11 - 05 - 2013

first step. done. #snl #kristinwiig #fingerscrossed #tiredasfuck

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    This was fun
  3. grassmah said: What time did you start standing in line? I went a few years ago when Neil Patrick Harris was host & I got there at around 3:30 & ended up being one of the last 5 people got into the taping. Heh. Hope you get in! :)
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  5. anniebo-nannie said: are you kiddddding me?! you’re so lucky! I hope you get in!
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