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I'm Maggie and this is a page for me to disclose my infinite wisdom to the world. Enjoy.


Seems legit

MRW I put on a new Halloween mask for the first time

Anonymous said: Can a person be physically attracted to both genders but only be romantically attracted to the one gender (in this case, the opposite gender)? Would this still be considered heterosexual or would it be bisexual? I'm just confused...

I totally understand where you’re coming from. Recently, I’ve made the development where I’ve also been attracted to guys, but only romantically to the same gender. It’s all preference and it doesn’t need a label because sexuality is so fluid - for all you know this preference could change in a year. For now, I guess you would say bisexual, just for your peace of mind. But make sure now to get anyone of the same genders’ hopes up. That would suck. You don’t wanna be that person.