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Hi. I'm Maggie and this is a page for me to disclose my infinite wisdom to the world. Enjoy. -------------------------- NYC ---- NYU ---- Film ---- Foodie --------------- Les --- Skate --- Theater --- Pisces --------

Posting purely because people need to see this.


Bring on Fall! Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie [Vegan]

Anonymous said: Whose hair is now shorter: yours or Andy's?

definitely andys

Anonymous said: Woah, are you Andy Richardson's sister? You must be so proud of your bro! How was the final Newsies performance?


very much so,


Anonymous said: Strange question, but hows Andy doing since Newsies closed? He looked really upset at the final show

he’s been doing good, auditioning, seeing friends, excited about upcoming NYU classes

gleekgirl11 said: I just wanted to thank you for your blog. Looking through it has kept me entertained this week when I sat alone at lunch

<3 <3 <3 sending you love.